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Romney’s Love for Anti-LGBT Groups

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

We told you last week about Mitt Romney’s donations to anti-LGBT groups. His tax returns show he donated $10,000 to the virulently anti-gay Massachusetts Family Institute and another $25,000 to the Becket Fund.

Romney’s donations to the Massachusetts Family Institute are particularly troublesome – the group has long been a vocal opponent of marriage equality, and believes sexual orientation is a choice that can be cured. From their website: “Our compassion is for those struggling with same-sex attraction and we encourage the healing of individuals who wish to change their choice of lifestyle…”

The tax forms reveal yet another version of Mitt Romney, constantly changing depending on the electorate he’s courting – in 1994 he told the Massachusetts LGBT community he’d be “better than Ted [Kennedy] for gay rights” and vowed to co-sponsor a federal ENDA. Flash to 2011, when Romney signed a NOM marriage pledge which includes supporting a federal marriage amendment and even setting up a McCarthy-like commission to investigate the alleged “harassment” of NOM’s supporters.

Confused by Mitt Romney’s constantly changing rhetoric and how it does (or doesn’t) match up with his tax returns? Head over to HRC’s Facebook page and share the image below to send a message that Mitt Romney is bad for the LGBT community.

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