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Romney’s Flip-Flops on Marriage Equality in Massachusetts

Mitt Romney flip flopsWe laid out Mitt’s many varying positions on marriage equality (and other LGBT issues) on our Mitt n Match site, and the LA Times came out this weekend with an in-depth piece tracking Romney’s changing positions during the Massachusetts marriage equality battle nearly 10 years ago.

At the time, Romney was against marriage equality and civil unions – but also rejected calls for a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Then, Romney was for civil unions. Then he was, again, not for civil unions. And he suddenly supported a constitutional amendment discriminating against committed, loving same-sex couples.

Over the course of the 2012 presidential campaign, Romney has said that he supports a federal marriage amendment, but that he’s not sure it’s politically feasible. However, he’s also signed NOM’s pledge which would require him to aggressively pursue a marriage amendment and support the Defense of Marriage Act.

Confused? You should be – with the number of times Romney has contradicted himself and changed positions, it’s hard to know where exactly he stands on any given issue at a particular moment. Like his campaign spokesperson Eric Fehrnstrom proudly touted, Romney’s political philosophy is essentially akin to an Etch a Sketch.

Learn more about Mitt’s flip-flops and Etch a Sketch moments on our Mitt n Match site.

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