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Romney Heaps Praise on Anti-LGBT Fundraiser

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

We told you last week about Frank VanderSloot, Mitt Romney’s fundraiser who has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-LGBT causes and even outed a reporter. So far, nearly 40,000 people have called on Romney to fire VanderSloot. Add your voice now.

But Romney doesn’t just take money from VanderSloot, he actually showers him with praise. According to a new piece from BuzzFeed, Romney has said of Frank VanderSloot: “Frank’s vision and sense of social responsibility is second to none and he never ceases to amaze me.”

Romney can’t have it both ways – he can no longer say he opposes discrimination against LGBT people while simultaneously associating with someone like VanderSloot. This is his moment to put some weight behind his words, and he must act. If not, we’ll know exactly who the real Mitt Romney is.

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