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Rick Perry: Connecting the Dots After ‘The Response’

It’s no surprise that Rick Perry is tied to some of the most anti-gay groups and leaders in the country. But now the presidential candidate’s August 6 day of prayer in Houston is serving as the launching pad for a new Christian-only group aimed at mobilizing conservative voters to “vote according to the Biblical worldview in 2012.”

The group – Champion the Vote – was announced by the American Family Association’s Don Wildmon in an email to all “Response” attendees and sent on “Response” letterhead.

Perry publically thanked the anti-gay leader during the Response. According to Wildmon, the day was “just the beginning of a nationwide initiative to return America to the principles on which she was founded, with God at the center of our nation.”

Champion the Vote lists traditional marriage and “morality and ethics” as two of its areas of focus. It’s seeking to register 5 million new Christian voters in advance of the elections. A fact sheet on their website says the “Bibical worldview” response to homosexuality is that “God intended for one man to be with one woman.” Regarding tolerance, the fact sheet says “Live by Biblical Standard.”

What Champion the Vote seems to ignore is new data that points out, among other things:

  •     74 percent of Christians favor a law to prohibit bullying and harassment against minority groups in schools, including LGBT students or the children of LGBT parents.
  •     70 percent of Christians believe that when religious leaders condemn LGBT people it does more harm than good.
  •     86 percent of Christians believe their faith leads them to the conclusion that the law should treat all people equally, including LGBT people.

Rick Perry and his allies represent neither mainstream Christians nor mainstream Americans. Add your voice to those telling Rick Perry his extremism is unacceptable. Learn more about other actions you can take at

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