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Republican Representative Voices Support for Marriage Equality in Washington

This post comes from HRC Editorial and Digital Media Intern Leanne Naramore:

Republican State Representative Maureen Walsh recorded a TV ad declaring her support for marriage equality in Washington.

The ad comes from Washington United for Marriage, the coalition leading the fight to approve Referendum 74, the law that would allow same-sex marriage in the state.

You may remember Rep. Walsh from her speech on the Washington House floor earlier this year. Her discussion of why she supports equal civil rights for LGBT people generated over 2 million YouTube views and cemented her as a political leader for equality in the state.

In the new TV ad, Rep. Walsh calls marriage equality “a question of fundamental fairness” and recalls her own marriage to her late husband: “I think to myself how could I deny any couple, whether they are gay or straight, that incredible bond of marriage?”

This is a big week for the battle for fairness and equality in Washington. On the heels of Rep. Walsh’s pro-equality TV ad, the vehemently anti-equality Rick Santorum will headline two fundraising events to defeat R74.

The time is now to get involved in the movement for equal civil rights in Washington. To learn more about how to take action, please visit

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