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Report: Original Green Lantern to be Reintroduced as Gay

Post submitted by Eric Cameron, HRC Digital Media Specialist

Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, is rumored to be the DC character coming out in an upcoming issue.

Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston reports that a source from Phoenix Comic Con has confirmed the news.

DC Comics recently rebooted 52 titles in its superhero catalog, rewriting several storylines to reflect greater diversity. Alan Scott made his ‘New 52’ debut earlier this month and is set to reappear in Earth Two #2 in early June.

Batwoman, reintroduced as a lesbian in 2006, is currently DC’s highest profile LGBT superhero. In September she became the first out character to receive an ongoing monthly series from a mainstream publisher.

The speculation coincides with Marvel’s recent announcement that X-Men’s Northstar will wed his civilian boyfriend.

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