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Religious Leaders Rally for Marriage Equality in Washington

Clergy LeadersThis post comes from HRC Editorial and Digital Media Intern Leanne Naramore:

Clergy from across the state united on Thursday to rally for same-sex marriage.

Leaders representing Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Unitarian Universalist, and several other faith traditions gathered in Seattle to voice their support for Referendum 74, the ballot measure that would grant equal marriage rights to Washington’s same-sex couples.

Speakers discussed the nearly 300 faith leaders and congregations that have endorsed marriage equality across the state. Not only are these religious communities vocally announcing support for the Referendum, but they are also taking action. In conjunction with Washington United for Marriage, the coalition working to maintain marriage equality in the state, many of these leaders are volunteering by collecting pledge cards and working on phone banks.

Religious LeadersClergy clarify that their support for marriage equality is because of, not in spite of, their faith beliefs:

Catholics for Marriage Equality Spokesperson Barbara Guzzo: “As faithful Catholics we are bound to educate our conscience through prayer, reading of the scriptures, and listening to the Holy Spirit who continues to speak in our midst.  Having done this, I, along with the majority of Catholics in WA State, believe in marriage equality.”

Rabbi Jim Mirel: “Faith organizations and faith leaders urge voters to Approve Referendum 74 because we believe love is at the heart of who we are and how we are to treat each other.”

Reverend Tom Kidd: "God’s purpose for us is to love one another. We should treat everyone as we want to be treated, and not judge. We should protect religious freedom and allow committed same-sex couples to marry.  Referendum 74 does both.”

Join the movement for marriage equality in Washington by getting involved with Washington United for Marriage and voting to approve Referendum 74.

HRC is proud to have been a founding member of the campaign to pass marriage equality in Washington State, working side-by-side with state partners. You can sign up here to volunteer with HRC to help mobilize supporters of marriage equality in Washington or donate to HRC’s special fund to direct 100 percent of your contribution to Approve Referendum 74.

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