HRC Blog

Reflections on the Election

Written by Dr. Jody Gates HRC New Orleans Board of Directors

Such a difference a day makes. November 5th . . . worrying about the presidency, what disasters for the LGBT community and for women should Democrats lose the presidency &/or the Senate? What about the Ballot Measures? We had never won before. Is it finally our time? At the most recent meeting of the HRC Boards, we spent many hours agonizing and analyzing.  At that moment all of our key issues were too close to call.  Had we done enough?  What more could we do?  Can we raise more money?  Can we put more boots on the ground?  By the time the weekend was over, we knew we had done all that we could to move ahead in our drive for fair and equal treatment for the LGBTQ community. All that remained was to get out the vote. Our New Orleans commitment to OFA included a ton of phone calls to Florida (which the President won by the way.)

The day, November 6th was a long & arduous day for me, serving as a poll commissioner, arriving home to find both the President and Tammy Baldwin losing. Then, OMG, the President began to pull ahead and was declared the victor.  Tammy Baldwin won too! 

Over the next few days, we found out that the Ballot Initiatives had been decided in our favor, all four of them!  All this at once was almost too much to comprehend.  It took me two days to get over being stunned and to accept that it was all true.  November 6, 2012 was truly an historic day for the LGBTQ community and for the United States, in the battle against discrimination.

For a moment, it felt like there was nothing more to do.  Then it became clear that we are at a watershed moment for the LGBTQ community.  We have a tremendous amount of support across the country, we have a President who is on our side and willing to take risks for us, and we have both a national staff and a grassroots team ready to fight to end DOMA, and to pass ENDA.

So we start again, but this time, not with desperation, but with a sense of joy and hope, looking at what we have just accomplished and what we are about to do.  All it takes is you.