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Reflections on National Adoption Month 2012

National Adoption Month; LGBT AdoptionThis post comes from Brian Tessier, founder of We Hear the Children:

We’ve just wrapped up a successful National Adoption Month – and truly a historic month for our community as a whole. We added more to the ranks of those who have access to the rights afforded them by being allowed to marry. We re-elected a President who has an interest in what our community has to say. Lastly, there was more outreach and attention paid to the needs of the over 400,000 children living in Foster Care who only wish for a loving home.

The word is getting out about how members of the LGBT community have and can begin on a path to parenthood. As a National Advisory Council Member to the All Children-All Families board at HRC, I could not be more excited about the things we are beginning to see. We are starting to see the fruits of our community’s labor in how we parent, our struggles to get there and how we, through our own desires to have a family, continually step up and reach out to waiting children.

Throughout National Adoption Month, HRC, in partnership with RaiseAChild, ran major marketing events spreading the word that Love Defines A Family. From California to New York, we spread that word and will continue to do so. People are taking notice - from a new book by author David Landers, entitled “I Just Wish He’d Taught Me How to Shave”;” to Gay Dads: Transitions to Adoptive Fatherhood (Qualitative Studies in Psychology), Abbie E. Goldberg; we are seeing the conversations and emergence of gay fathers, who are also working hard to transform the traditional gender roles of what it means to be a dad. On some level the Family Project at HRC is leading that conversation through the work that has been done in recent years - especially 2012.

I recently had the pleasure of returning to Burlington, Vermont, where I went to college. I went back there with my two sons to present the All Children-All Families seal to the Lund Organization. If you had told me while I was in college, struggling with my own sexuality, I would one day return to give an award to the first agency in Vermont to attain the status of a welcoming and culturally competent in helping build strong LGBT families through adoption; I would have told you that you were nuts! Let alone, that I traveled there in a mini-van, with my two kids, who asked every 10 miles....”Are we there yet?”

So, as I sit here and write this on a dreary December morning as my two boys play football while waiting for the bus, I give thanks for the changes that have come and for the people that stepped out before me so I could walk the path of parenthood. While I am thankful for all that has been accomplished, I am more hopeful of what can come on this journey. If you have thought about taking it, reach out....we are here to help you Let Love Define what your family can look like.

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