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Reflections on Disasters Both Natural and Unnatural

As we are entering the final days of this historic election season, I am deeply grateful for the inspiring words of Bishop Yvette Flounder and Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson. 

Both are religious leaders who have devoted their precious talents to creating a world where LGBT people can live freely and openly.  Their recent reflections on "unnatural disasters" provides a faithful context for our work while fearlessly calling out those who would use the biblical text as a tool of oppression. 

Natural disasters can bring out people’s best. As Hurricane Sandy roared across the Northeast, people joined together to pile sandbags; they reached out to neighbors who needed a dry place; they risked life and limb to save strangers from a watery grave. Would that all neighbors be treated with such respect in political storms as well.

Please read their powerful post featured in On Faith. 

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