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Reflecting on Bishop Gene Robinson’s Legacy

Bishop Gene RobinsonPost submitted by Sharon Groves, former HRC Director, Religion and Faith Program

On the eve of Bishop Gene Robinson's retirement as the Bishop of New Hampshire, we at HRC want to personally thank him for his ministry to the LGBT community and the Episcopal Church.  There wouldn't be a Religion & Faith Program at HRC if it weren't for Gene, who was a consultant and founding member when the program began over seven years ago. I also believe we wouldn't have seen such a historic victory for the LGBT community this election season if Gene hadn't opened the door to a new conversation about faith, belief, and the sacred worth of all our lives.  

Thank you Gene for making the world better for LGBT Americans. 

The Rev. Susan Russell, a founding member of HRC’s Religion Council, wrote about Gene’s legacy over on the Huffington Post:

The legacy that Bishop Robinson leaves as he concludes his ministry as Bishop of New Hampshire is so much greater than just being the first openly gay bishop in the history of Christendom. It is a legacy of using the platform of privilege he has been given to continue to make a difference -- to continue to get the light through the cracks -- for absolutely anyone who has been told that they are outside the light of God's love.

I encourage you to read her full piece.

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