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Ray-Ban’s “Never Hide” Ad Features Proud Gay Couple

​Post submitted by Charlie Joughin, HRC Press Secretary

In celebration of their 75th anniversary, Ray-Ban has released an ad featuring a gay couple holding hands in the middle of a busy 1940s cityscape as part of its “Never Hide” campaign.  Other people in the ad appear to be casting glares at the couple, but the dynamic duo seems to pay them no mind.

The ad takes place in an era where a gay couple, much less a gay couple holding hands in public, certainly would have been considered taboo.  Even in today’s world today where there are still many places where two men holding hands garners stares, this ad calls for LGBT people to never hide their love or their true identity.

The Ray-Ban company commented about the campaign:

“Nobody wants fake or temporary. Real trendsetters, real opinion leaders, real individuals believe the most fashionable thing you can be is yourself; to be authentic, real, bold and stylish. So to reclaim its rightful place as the legitimate leader of sunglasses, Ray-Ban has to only speak and act like their maverick selves.  Never pretend. Never be afraid. Never give up. Never Hide.”

Click here to view this ad and others from the campaign.

Never Hide

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