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Rahm Emanuel Speaks Out for Marriage Equality in Illinois

This post comes from HRC Editorial & Digital Media Intern Leanne Naramore:

In an op-ed to the Chicago Sun-Times, Emanuel declared his determination to quickly pass marriage equality in his state.

“Last week’s election continued America’s great history of expanding opportunity and equality. Today, we must take the next step on that journey by affording the opportunity to marry to all Americans — and we can continue that march by quickly enacting marriage equality here in Illinois.”

Legislators introduced a marriage equality bill in February.

Mayor Emanuel is encouraging Illinois citizens to be vocal and engaged with this push for marriage equality. Following our historic wins in Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota last week, Emanuel said, “The time is right, the time is now” to take action.

This is the moment to take control of the momentum that is so overwhelmingly in our favor. In Illinois and in several other states, the fight for equality is on the horizon.

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