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Radio Host Offers to Convert “Hot Lesbians”

This post comes from HRC Communications Intern Nick Gumas:

Nationally-syndicated radio host “Jimmy Jam” sparked outrage recently by offering to “change” any “hot lesbians” that are willing to date him.  Jimmy Jam made the insensitive remarks while hosting WNCI’s “Morning Zoo,” an Ohio-based morning radio show.

Deeply offended by the remarks, Elizabeth Lessner, owner of the Columbus Food League restaurant, helped circulate the information through social media, prompting Jezebel to eventually report on the story.  Clear Channel Media and Entertainment-Columbus issued a statement to Jezebel attempting to clarify Jimmy Jam’s offense remarks.  Operations Manager Michael McCoy explained that “Nobody on the show thinks that Jimmy can "turn" a lesbian straight” and that the comments were supposed to be interpreted as "instructional and educational.” 

Unsurprisingly, many did not take the joke lightly, leading the radio host to issue an apology this morning.  Unmoved, Lessner described the apology via twitter as “clearly written for him by someone else [and] sounded canned/insincere.”  The incident serves as a painful reminder that despite the recent successes in the LGBT movement, there is still much work that needs to be done to help inform individuals about the community.  

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