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Queens For A Day… of Marriage Equality

Last weekend I joined New Yorkers United for Marriage volunteers in Middle Village, Queens talking to voters about the upcoming New York legislative vote on marriage equality.

Residents spoke in Spanish, Polish, and other strong New York accents, but their voices were clear: a majority of them support the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples.

In order to understand voters' lives, it's important to speak with them where they live.  It was great to be on the streets of Queens, a bustling New York City Borough.  The sound of the subway's M train roaring on the tracks above,  the smell of garlic wafting from a pizzeria, hearing families greet other families across the street in their native language, talking to these proud and busy New Yorkers. It was a day in the life of New York City.  As the end of the legislative session appears only weeks away, the future of marriage equality is up to you, New York.

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