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Put in Your Ear Plugs. It’s Going to Be a Loud Week.

Poor Iowa.  The state is about to be bombarded.

Tomorrow, the National Organization for Marriage is launching its statewide bus tour from Des Moines. Two days later is the GOP  primary debate lives from Ames (via FOX News).  And Saturday the all-important presidential Iowa straw poll.

Good time to go on vacation. It’s going to be a week of Republican presidential candidates tripping over each other to come across as the most anti-gay.

Throughout this week’s cacophony, however, let’s keep this in mind. All those this week railing against marriage equality in Iowa are having to make it a front-and-center issue in the GOP primary.  “Make it” is the operative phrase here. It’s not naturally a concern of voters–anywhere in the country right now. Jobs and the economy– surprise–are the priority, according to numerous polls (probably every single poll.)

NOM admits their work in forcing the issue on the agenda in this just-issued release.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is ensuring that marriage will be a primary factor in voters’ decision on which presidential candidate to support in the upcoming Straw Poll, highlighting on the “Values Voter Bus Tour” the support of four top candidates who have signed NOM’s Marriage Pledge (emphasis added).

This is not surprising. Maggie and Brian have been lamenting the past few months about how conservatives aren’t talking about ‘gay marriage’ enough in an economy with more than 9% unemployment.  Maybe it’s also because Republicans are beginning to see their position is not sustainable.  

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