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Proposal Attacking Trans Community in Arizona House

Arizona flagPost submitted by Adrian Matanza, Former HRC Regional Field Director

Last week, the Arizona State Senate passed SB1432, a bill that would establish a stronger Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy. The bill is now in the hands of the Arizona House of Representatives and our opponents are working to strike SB1432 and replace it with anti-transgender language.

The proposed amendment would make it illegal for transgender individuals to use the restroom, dressing room or other sex-segregated facilities with which they identify.

The bill and amendment are being considered in the AZ House Committee on Appropriations as early as tomorrow. Please contact your state representatives and those in the committee listed below.

Chairman: John Kavanagh (R)     602-926-5170

Vice-Chair: Justin Olson (R)     602-926-5288

Lela Alston (D)     602-926-5829

Rick Gray (R)    602-926-5993

Michelle Ugenti (R)   602-926-4480

Paul Boyer (R)   602-926-4173

Adam Kwasman (R)   602-926-5839

Chad Campbell (D)   602-926-3026

Stefanie Mach (D)   602-926-3398

Thomas Forese (R)   602-926-5168

Andrew Sherwood (D)   602-926-3028

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