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Prop 8 Trial Update - Day Three Begins Awaiting the Supreme Court

Yesterday’s proceedings continued the expert analysis on the history of marriage by Harvard University professor Nancy Cott.  After Professor Cott was cross-examined by the pro-Prop 8 side, we heard from another historian, Yale University’s George Chauncey, an expert in LGBT history who has written extensively about the history of discrimination against our community.  Again, a great in-depth wrap-up from NCLR’s Shannon Minter is available on Pam’s House Blend. Today, we expect continued direct testimony and cross-examination of Professor Chauncey.  Keep an eye on the #prop 8 hashtag on Twitter and the Courage Campaign’s Prop 8 Trial Tracker site for frequent updates.  Also today, we expect the U.S. Supreme Court to issue a final ruling on the issue on posting the trial recordings – stay tuned to HRC Back Story for updates, and check back with us tomorrow for a wrap-up of today’s proceedings.   In the mean time, check out lead attorneys Ted Olsen and David Boies on last night's Rachel Maddow Show:

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