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Prop 8 Trial – Day Ten; Plaintiffs Rest, Defendants Begin

Friday saw the last live witness called by the plaintiffs, Dr. Gregory Herek, a social psychology professor at the University of California at Davis and an expert on sexual orientation discrimination.  Professor Herek testified that sexual orientation is a constant, that efforts to change that orientation through “reparative therapy” can be harmful and stigmatizing, and that laws like Proposition 8 further stigmatize people based on sexual orientation.  For more details, Shannon Minter has another excellent analysis on Pam’s House Blend and Friday’s transcript is available from American Foundation for Equal Rights here. Today, we expect the plaintiffs to submit additional video deposition testimony into evidence and then rest their case.  Then, defendants will begin with their witnesses.  According to the Wall Street Journal, only two of the defense’s original expert witnesses remain to testify, so it’s unlikely the defendant’s case will take as long to present as the plaintiffs’ did.  We understand the first defense witness will be Kenneth Miller, a government professor at Claremont McKenna College with a focus on California’s initiative process.  We also learned on Friday that Judge Walker will take a two-week break in the case after all the evidence is submitted before he hears closing arguments from both sides.  As always, the #prop8 hashtag on Twitter and the Courage Campaign’s Prop 8 Trial Tracker site are great resources for frequent updates during the day.  Check back with us tomorrow morning for a wrap-up of today’s proceedings and the beginning of the defendants’ case.

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