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Prop 8 Trial – Day Six

Friday saw more expert testimony, with Cambridge University professor Michael Lamb testifying about the ample body of evidence showing same-sex couples to be equally good parents and that allowing them to marry would benefit their children.  We also heard from openly-lesbian writer Helen Zia about her experiences with marriage and discrimination.  As always, there’s a great wrap-up from NCLR’s Shannon Minter on Pam’s House Blend.    Today, we will hear from Republican Mayor of San Diego Jerry Sanders, the father of a lesbian daughter and a strong supporter of marriage equality.  The City of San Diego participated in an amicus brief supporting marriage equality.  Also testifying will be University of Massachusetts at Amherst professor M.V. Lee Badgett, an expert on the economic impacts of discrimination on same-sex couples and Research Director at UCLA’s Williams Institute, a premier LGBT think tank.   The third scheduled witness is Ryan Kendall, a gay man who underwent reparative therapy in his youth and will testify about the discrimination he has faced. Remember the #prop 8 hashtag on Twitter and the Courage Campaign’s Prop 8 Trial Tracker site for frequent updates during today’s proceedings, and check back with us tomorrow morning for a wrap-up of today’s proceedings.

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