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Prop 8 Trial – Day Nine, Plaintiffs Wrap Up Their Case

Yesterday saw continued testimony from Professor Gary Segura about the lack of political power of LGBT people, in which he cast doubt on the claims that Prop 8 proponents have suffered harassment based on their support of the measure and argued that, at any rate, the well-documented rise in anti-LGBT hate violence in California in 2008 should be part of the analysis as well.  In the afternoon, plaintiffs called Dr. William Tam, a leading proponent of Proposition 8, as a hostile witness.  Dr. Tam had sought repeatedly not to testify in the case, citing fear of harassment if his name is associated with the trial.  Judge Walker allowed the testimony to go forward, and plaintiffs’ attorney David Boies proceeded to examine Dr. Tam about his role in the Prop 8 campaign and his inflammatory statements about LGBT people.  On examination, Dr. Tam stood by his many unfounded assertions about gay people, including that we are “12 times more likely to abuse children,” but could not testify to any scientific source for this information.  Dr. Tam’s testimony is a stark reminder to everyone of the lies and misrepresentations at the core of the effort to deny us marriage equality.  For more information, as usual, a great wrap up from NCLR’s Shannon Minter is available on Pam’s House Blend. Today, plaintiffs are expected to call their last witness, Dr. Gregory Herek, a social psychology professor at the University of California at Davis and an expert on sexual orientation discrimination.  Remember the #prop8 hashtag on Twitter and the Courage Campaign’s Prop 8 Trial Tracker site for frequent updates during the day, and check back with us on Monday for a wrap-up of today’s proceedings and the beginning of the defendants’ case.

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