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Prop 8 Trial – Day Five; Expert Testimony Continues

Yesterday saw the longest day of the trial so far and was dominated by testimony from two expert witnesses – Dr. Edmund Egan, the chief economist for the City of San Francisco, and Columbia University professor Ilan Meyer, a social psychologist and public health expert.  Dr. Egan’s testimony emphasized how Proposition 8 costs San Francisco money, both through increased public health and public insurance costs related to the impact of discrimination on lesbian and gay couples and in lost taxes and other revenue, estimated at $35 million annually, from wedding ceremonies in the city.  Dr. Meyer’s testimony focused on the public health impacts of discrimination on lesbian and gay people, including stress, mental health difficulties, and the many health problems stemming from both.  And, of course, check out the great wrap-up from NCLR’s Shannon Minter on Pam’s House Blend.    Today, we will hear from Proposition 8 supporter William Tam (whose deposition testimony about pedophilia raised eyebrows during Dr. Chauncey’s testimony Wednesday) and Helen Zia, a San Francisco writer who married her partner in 2008 before Prop 8 was adopted.  Plaintiff’s attorney David Boies indicated yesterday that they expect to finish presenting their side’s case by next Wednesday.  Remember the #prop 8 hashtag on Twitter and the Courage Campaign’s Prop 8 Trial Tracker site for frequent updates during today’s proceedings, and check back with us after the long weekend for a wrap-up of today’s proceedings.

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