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Prop 8 Defenders Organize “National Pray for Marriage Day”

The following post comes from HRC Digital Media Intern Eric Cameron:

With California's Proposition 8 ruled unconstitutional once again and marriage equality making strong advances across the country, the anti-equality Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is calling on God to halt the legal recognition of LGBT families.

ADF President Alan Sears has declared this upcoming Sunday "National Pray for Marriage Day." ADF contributes to's legal defense team in California, and Sears hopes the focused prayers of ADF supporters will have a direct impact on the Prop 8 proceedings. "May God bless and grant our petitions, and accomplish what only He can in the hearts of our nation's judges," writes Sears.

ADF has even released a prayer guide with tips and suggestions on how to pray.

After thanking God for the "distinct, irreplaceable gifts" provided by one man and one woman in marriage, supporters are asked to pray for those "hurting and suffering from going outside of God's plan for sexuality" and for the protection of children from "false sexual indoctrination in schools."

Full text of the guide is available here.

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