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Maryland Profiles in Courageous Faith: The Rev. Candy Holmes

Rev. Candy HolmesThis post comes from MacArthur Flournoy, Deputy Director of HRC's Religion & Faith Program:

“When my mother was nearing her death she told me, "Candy -- live your life!" She meant that with every fiber of her being. My passion for equality springs from that "clarion call" to be who I am no matter what!  So I live committed to the law in Maryland catching up what really matters – love and fairness for all people, including loving gay and lesbian couples. Marriage equality is not a "gay" thing – it’s about respecting the right to love who you love!"

    - The Rev. Candy Holmes

Wise, prophetic, and relentlessly committed to justice and equality. These are but a few of the ways colleagues in ministry, LGBT advocacy and civil rights describe the Reverend Lorilyn (Candy) Holmes in her ministry and life. Candy serves the Public Policy Minister for Marriage Equality for the Metropolitan Community Churches.

Rev. Holmes is respected for her 'get it done’ mentality when it comes to executing a strategic plan and ensuring its exact implementation. "If you want something done well, on time and with excellence – Candy is the ideal leader,” remarked Donna Payne, HRC’s Associate Director of Diversity.

In addition to her excellence at community mobilization and coalition building, Rev. Holmes is an inspiring public speaker who touches people with her great conviction, as she did in her expert testimony before the Maryland House and Senate Committee hearings on marriage equality resulting in the Civil Marriage Protection Act.  In her written testimony, Candy talks of her deeply held values for family, commitment and equality that her life.

Marriage is a family thing . . . It is about the fundamental values that all who desire to marry should be afforded the freedom to do so without exception; that all couples, including same-sex couples deserve the joy, happiness and ‘completeness’ that comes with a civil marriage. It is about being free to show our commitment and love to one other in the presence of our Creator, our families, our friends, and our community. It is about building our family to be strong so we can contribute openly and freely, as productive and unapologetic contributing members of the larger Maryland family.

Candy has been a stellar representation of what it means to be embedded in one’s faith tradition and work in and among various faith communities to build coalitions that stand together in support of justice and equality. For her persistence, unrelenting enthusiasm and fierce commitment to justice, we honor the Reverend Lorilyn Candy Holmes as the inaugural launch of our Profiles in Courage. 

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