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Pro-LGBT Massachusetts Senate Candidate Needs Your Help

There is a critical Senate race in Massachusetts that demands the immediate attention of the LGBT community.  Seeking the Senate seat of our community’s hero – Ted Kennedy – are Martha Coakley and Scott Brown and the choice between them could not be more clear.  The Republican nominee Scott Brown wants to represent the state that first brought us marriage equality but he says quite clearly on his own campaign website that “marriage is between a man and a woman.”  Add that to the fact that he's been endorsed by anti-choice groups and Mitt Romney – who himself staked out strong anti-LGBT positions in the last presidential campaign. Democratic nominee Martha Coakley on the other hand has a stellar record in favor of LGBT equality.  On her campaign website she lists as equal rights priorities: repealing the Defense of Marriage Act; ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; combating hate crimes; and other equality measures.  Putting her words into action as the Commonwealth’s Attorney General, she filed a legal challenge to DOMA and fought to extend anti-discrimination laws to include gender identity and expression. Recent polls show the race tightening and the ramifications of a Scott Brown victory would be far reaching – not only for a progressive legislative agenda but as we near the 2010 midterm elections. Martha Coakley needs your help to win on January 19thPlease visit her website to contribute, volunteer and most importantly, vote on Tuesday.

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