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Pride Mormon Style

Post submitted by Paul Guequierre, HRC Staff

Pride season is underway and HRC is hitting festivals and parades all across the country.  This weekend I’ve been having a great time meeting people at Gay Days in Orlando.  We've had conversations with hundreds of proud LGBT people from Florida and across the country, and even from other parts of the world.  But perhaps even more interesting, is what just happened in Salt Lake City.

Dustin Lance Black was the Grand Marshal of the Utah Pride Parade, which ended moments ago. But the big news is Black invited members of the LDS Church to join him in the parade and they showed up.  Over 300 members of the LDS Church – Mormons – marched, showing their commitment to equality and to their LGBT brothers and sisters.  And they marched despite the outdated views of Church hierarchy. 

We know the LDS Church isn’t quite with us on matters of equality, but Church members are.  They support fairness and equality in growing numbers.  HRC and our partners at Equality Utah and the Utah Pride Center have worked to change hearts and minds, and it’s working.

As we celebrate LGBT Pride this month we’ll have a great time.  But it’s important to remember what it is we’re celebrating.  Three hundred Mormons marching for equality in Utah is cause for pride, and celebration.

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