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Pride Month Begins in 11 Cities Nationwide

The following post comes from HRC's Tommy Lodge: We marched in Salt Lake City. We tabled in Dayton. We were even at Disney Gay Days in Orlando. From coast to coast, all weekend long HRC answered the perennial question - what does the blue and yellow equal sign mean? 70% of HRC's 750,000 members and supporters report that they first heard the answer to this question at an LGBT pride event. As President Obama recently declared on June 1st via Presidential proclamation, the month of June is LGBT pride month commemorating the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City. With this major act of the LGBT rights movement, the groundwork was laid for HRC to be represented at over 90 prides this year around the country, reaching up to 6.5 million people. This past weekend alone, HRC attended 11 of them! Through a combination of HRC staff and dedicated volunteers, our message of equality was spread far and wide. We're talking to anyone and everyone about our work on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," employment non-discrimination, and all issues affecting LGBT people in their local communities (because after all, all politics is local). Though weather was a bit of a challenge at some events (Detroit, New Jersey) our message of equality shone through. In summary, HRC this past weekend was at the following events:

  • West Virginia Pride
  • Detroit Pride
  • New Jersey Pride (Asbury Park)
  • Hartford Pride
  • Kansas City Pride
  • Dayton Pride
  • Santa Cruz Pride
  • Austin Pride
  • Utah Pride (Salt Lake City)
  • Gay Days (Orlando)
  • Triad Pride (Greensboro, NC)

This is the first of four busy weekends of June pride events. Stay tuned for next week's update where we'll showcase highlights of events in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Des Moines and 14 others. To catch HRC at a pride near you or for more information on our participation at pride, visit

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