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Pocatello, Idaho Fights Back Against Repeal of Nondiscrimination Ordinance

Fair-minded Pokeys and Idahoans are fighting back against an attempt to repeal Pocatello's fully inclusive non-discrimination ordinance that passed last year after significant debate. A group making the ridiculous claim that the ordinance promotes "bigotry" and "discrimination" against people who believe homosexuality is a sin collected the signatures to put the ordinance to a public vote, which will happen on May 20th.

HRC, as a member of the Fair Pocatello coalition, is working nonstop to ensure that this ordinance stays right where it is. By providing polling, financial support, and sending staff to work on the ground in the lead up to the vote, we are working hand-in-hand with coalition partners to reach out to all Pokeys ahead of the May vote. You can get involved by signing up to volunteer right now

HRC staff will be on the ground with our local HRC volunteers. In the coming weeks, we need all hands on deck to stop this repeal. Join us. 

For more information about the steps municipalities are taking to act on equality where states have failed to do so, visit HRC's Municipal Equality Index.

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