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Plouffe Joins HRC at Dartmouth for Pro-Equality Candidates in New Hampshire

The following post comes from  HRC’s Legal Assistant Jessie Singleton. Jessie is just one of 30 HRC staff that will be on the ground in 16 states by Election Day, working with HRC-endorsed candidates and engaging our membership about the upcoming elections:

When HRC said they were sending me to New Hampshire to help elect the pro-equality candidates on the ballot, I knew that I'd be working on exciting races for good candidates. But a contagious-energy hit me as soon as I got to Hanover and, having spent the last week talking to HRC members on the ground and students on campus. I'm sold: the candidates running to represent New Hampshire are of the highest quality and exactly the kind of fair-minded, pro-equality leaders we need in office during this crucial period for our movement.

On my first day on the job, I meet with the campaign's Get Out the Vote (GOTV) director and received my official assignments: to single-handily turn out the vote at Dartmouth College on election day; and to organize, in two days, a rally at Dartmouth for Obama for America Campaign manager David Plouffe. Never one to shy away from a challenge, I headed north on I-89 to Hanover, where I've been working hard to elect fair minded, pro-equality candidates. Running to represent New Hampshire's 2nd District in the U.S. House of Representatives is HRC-endorsed Ann McLane Kuster, or "Annie." Born and raised in New Hampshire, Annie is an adoption attorney by trade, and was one of the pioneers of same-sex adoption in the Granite State. She's a mom, a clean-energy advocate, a pro-choice, anti-war, pro-small business, and pro-equality candidate who's tied in the polls with her right-wing opponent, Charlie Bass. Paul Hodes is the HRC-endorsed candidate for Senate who continues to articulate his support for marriage equality. A two-term Member of Congress from the New Hampshire 2nd (the seat that Annie is running for), Hodes is up against the Sarah Palin-endorsed, tea party-backed Kelly Ayotte. Beholden to the Palin agenda, Ayotte has repeatedly promised to vote against any effort to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and said that LGBT people do not deserve the same rights as straight people. To underscore the importance of these races, the White House sent David Plouffe to the Granite State. And just to show how crucial the Dartmouth vote is to the strategy for victory, the campaign sent David Plouffe to Dartmouth. At the rally that I organized on campus, Plouffe spoke about the obligation Dartmouth students have to vote in this election: “I would humbly suggest that if you want a country that is fair and equitable and tolerant, then you need to go out there and make this happen. There are people who need you do to the right thing and who won’t have any opportunity like you’ve had.”

As Plouffe's remarks implied, the stakes are high in this election. And the stakes are even higher in states like New Hampshire, where fair-minded, pro-equality candidates are up against radical tea party-backed momma grizzlies and greed-driven Republicans. HRC's ability to send me and more than a dozen other staff out to help in races where the stakes are too high to lose is having a huge impact. For the sake of equality and human rights in New Hampshire and across the country, I'm working hard to bring home the victory on Tuesday, November 2nd!


Paid for by Human Rights Campaign PAC and authorized by Hodes for Senate and Kuster for Congress

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