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Phoenix Opens Its First LGBT High School

The following blog post comes from HRC Intern Tucker Chovin:

Great news out of Phoenix, Ariz., last week, where an organization called one n ten has launched a high school specifically designed for LGBT youth called Q High.

The high school, which is the only one of its kind in Arizona, welcomed its first 14 students to class for grades 9-12 this week. The high school also operates as a community center and safe space for Phoenix-area LGBT Youth, and the majority of classes offered are online.

According to, many of Q High’s new students said that whichever classes they take in high school, it’s great to be in a place where they can feel safe, accepted and secure. Some students interviewed said that if they had continued at their previous high schools, they would not have graduated as a result of bullying and intimidation because of their sexual orientation.

Q High is not the first such endeavor in the United States, and several other high schools designed specifically for LGBT students exist in other states. Harvey Milk High School has operated specifically (but not exclusively) for LGBT students in New York City since 1985 and now boasts an enrollment of approximately 80 students. A similar school, the Alliance School, also exists in Milwaukee, Wisc., and was awarded the Charter School of the Year Platinum Award in 2011.

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