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Pete LaBarbera Lashes Out against HRC, Tammy Baldwin

Call it OutPost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

Pete LaBarbera, the head of the rabidly anti-gay organization Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, is among those within the anti-LGBT ranks that seems to be having a very difficult time processing last week’s historic victories for our community. In an interview with Christian radio earlier this week, LaBarbera lashed out against both Tammy Baldwin and HRC.

LaBarbera said of Tammy Baldwin’s victory:

All of the sudden I wake up to the news and look on the TV and see that Tammy Baldwin, a radical homosexual and pro-abortion feminist, everything’s on the left in her policies, is now elected Senator in Wisconsin. It was quite shocking…she’s hardly a role model for young women, we want women to embrace marriage and healthy, wholesome behaviors, not lesbianism. 

LaBarbera goes on to call HRC the “Human Wrongs Campaign” and a “homosexual pressure group.”

Check out the audio of LaBarbera’s remarks. To learn more about the unprecedented mobilization effort HRC undertook to help secure victories like Tammy Baldwin’s Senate seat, visit

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