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This post comes from the Rev. Debra Peevey, who is leading faith efforts in Washington State:

Referendum 74 will be voted on this November in Washington State.  In February, the Legislature passed marriage equality legislation with bi-partisan support, and our Catholic Governor, Christine Gregoire signed it into law.  Marriage equality opponents then launched a signature campaign and gathered more signatures than necessary. Marriage equality in Washington State must now be approved by a vote of the people.

Our vigorous Faith Team has joined with campaigns across the country to hold People You Know Conversation trainings across Washington State for persons of faith; preparing them to have conversations with people they know about marriage and approving the upcoming Referendum 74.  On Monday night, August 27, over 40 people from various denominations met at First United Methodist Church in downtown Seattle to learn key skills in listening, curiosity, and making the most persuasive faith messaging their own.   We also gave them the opportunity to focus on their own journey story to help them engage in meaningful conversations about R 74.  At the end of the training everyone was asked to commit to holding conversations with 10 people they know.  In this way, we will build a big enough team of faith volunteers to holds tens of thousands of conversations across the State! 

Supportive faith voices can make the difference! People who are engaged in one conversation with a person of faith in support of marriage equality are 70 percent more likely to vote to approve Referendum 74 !   Consequently we have trainings planned all across the state for the months of September and October to empower persons of faith to talk to their neighbors and friends.

These conversations, held by persons of faith, can also build out the truth that many denominations and members within even the most conservative traditions stand in support of marriage equality.  Let the echo chamber of conversations begin…won’t you join us, and others in Maryland, Maine and Minnesota to support marriage equality for all loving committed couples across the land?

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