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People of Faith in Washington: ‘Marriage Matters to All of Us’

This post comes from HRC Regional Field Director Tony Wagner. He is working with Washington United for Marriage, the campaign working to defend marriage equality at the ballot box in November.

A new set of ads is hitting the airwaves in Washington state, joining two other ads that have already been in rotation in broadcast and cable TV.

The ads feature faith leaders talking about how the new state law protects both religious liberty and marriage equality. The two are in harmony with each other.

In one ad, Rev. Rich Lang of the University Temple Methodist Church in Seattle, and his wife Cathy, share their personal journey on the path toward embracing marriage equality.

“I struggled with the notion of same-sex marriage,” Rev. Lang said in the ad. "…it was compassion that broke in. My shift came when I realized that at the very core of my Christianity is the compassion that God has shown toward me.”

“For a couple to be able to take their vows in front of friends and family, it means they're together, forever,” said Cathy Lang. “And don't we want that for everybody?”

In the second ad, five different faith leaders make clear that Referendum 74 fully protects religious freedom while allowing all, loving committed couples in Washington to marry the person they love.

“Marriage matters to all of us,” said Bishop Grant Hagiya in the ad.

HRC is proud to have been a founding member of the campaign to pass marriage equality in Washington State, working side-by-side with state partners. You can sign up here to volunteer with HRC to help mobilize supporters of marriage equality in Washington or donate to HRC’s special fund to direct 100 percent of your contribution to Approve Referendum 74.

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