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Pentagon Offers Active Duty Troops Chance to Weigh in on DADT Anonymously

Cross posted from As much as we fight for repeal every day, there are those in the shadows that are just as passionate, that have an existing investment in seeing this done soon: our brothers and sisters in arms who are still active. For the most part, participation in the repeal process can be a very grey area. Occasionally, however, there are opportunities for Active Duty members to help us out. Today the Department of Defense launched one of those opportunities with its anonymous “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ inbox, to be checked by a 3rd party contractor.  More at Folks, this is a rare chance to have a significant part in informing the DOD in its review process. If you still possess a CAC card, I highly encourage you to submit your opinion. And soon, as we don’t have much time before our window for repeal closes. And of course keep pushing our Veteran’s Lobby Day on Tuesday. This is a multi-faceted front, and we need to cover all angles to be successful.

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