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Participate TODAY: Study on Benefits of LGBT Relationships

Wedding ringsPost submitted by Charlie Joughin, former HRC National Press Secretary

The Rockway Institute is conducting a study looking at the different relational benefits associated with relationship status in same-sex couples. They are seeking participants who are dating, cohabitating, in civil unions, in domestic partnerships or in same-sex marriages with their current partner. If you are at least 18 years of age, are currently in a same-sex relationship and have been so for a month or more, and identify your sexual orientation as gay, lesbian or bisexual, it would be very helpful if you could take the time to complete the survey at the link:

For those opposed to equality, fear has been a devastatingly effective tool. Anti-LGBT groups spend millions of dollars to spread misinformation and scare the public into closing their hearts and minds in order to justify legal discrimination against LGBT people. These groups back up their messages of fear with “research” (organized and conducted by social scientists on their payroll), they misleadingly present as unbiased and valid. They claim their research shows that heterosexuality is superior and use it to justify the denial of basic equality to millions of Americans. Anti-LGBT organizations such as the “Family Research Council,” “Focus on the Family,” the “California Family Alliance” (and their findings), fueled the fear used to prevent Californians from rejecting Proposition 8 at the ballot box. In the battle for LGBT equality, they don’t fight fair.

But we can fight back! Research can fuel fear but can also dispel it. It can spread truth and understanding. You can help from the comfort of your home, and all it will cost is a few moments of your time.

So let’s beat the anti-equality groups by calling them out on their dishonesty! It’s time to discredit and disprove their skewed findings. It’s time to counter their messages of fear with legitimate and ethically conducted research. Complete the survey if you can, share it with others and do your part in the struggle for LGBT rights!

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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