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OutServe Magazine Profiles Transgender Service Members

Since the historic implementation of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal more than four months ago, the focus has shifted to achieving full equality in the U.S. military. Transgender service members still cannot serve openly – and this must change.

The new issue of OutServe Magazine, which covers news for active LGBT military personnel and is distributed to select military bases worldwide, profiles six current and active transgender service members. They share their stories about the pressures of doing a job that they truly love while simultaneously hiding their identities from most – if not all – of their fellow service members.

Ahead of the article’s publication, MetroWeekly sat down with Bryan, one of the individuals who bravely spoke out about his struggles. He goes by Bryan in the article to protect his true identity.

Bryan lives with the daily stress of knowing that if he was discharged for being transgender, he stands to “pretty much lose everything that I’ve gained the past three years and that I’ve worked for the past three years.”

Still, he remains optimistic that we’ll soon see the day that trans people will be able to serve openly.  

“One of the reasons why 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' took so long is that it was a federal law,” Bryan told MetroWeekly. “The thing about trans military service is, there's not a federal law, signed by the president, on the books - it's simply a regulation by the Armed Forces. We're not going to need to go through that drawn-out, legislative process. The drawn-out process is going to be in education and in convincing the Armed Forces that it's okay for trans people to serve openly.”

The OutServe Magazine issue will be released on Tuesday, Jan. 31. Visit for more.

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