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Outgoing American University Student President Comes Out as Transgender

AU LogoThis post comes from HRC Intern Tucker Cholvin:

Outgoing American University Student Body President Sarah McBride managed to make waves on campus even on her very last day as Student Body President, announcing in her farewell speech that she considers herself transgender and identifies as a female. She made use of the occasion to release an op-ed in The Eagle, an American University student newspaper. She writes:

"As SG President, I realized that as great as it is to work on issues of fairness, it only highlighted my own struggles. It didn’t bring the completeness that I sought. By mid-fall, it had gotten to the point where I was living in my own head. With everything I did, from the mundane to the exciting, the only way I was able to enjoy it was if I re-imagined doing it as a girl. My life was passing me by, and I was done wasting it as someone I wasn’t.

With every birthday candle extinguished, with every penny thrown, my wish was always the same. I am now blessed with the opportunity to live my dream and fulfill a truth I have known since childhood. My gratitude is great to my family, friends and this university for accepting me as the person who they now know me to be, and for letting me show them the possibilities of a life well lived."

In her statement, McBride also highlights the challenges transgender and gender non-conforming individuals face on a regular basis. Find her original op-ed in The Eagle at

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