HRC Blog Adds New Partners and Social Networks


With official launch of the nation’s once-in-a-decade national count -- the 2010 U.S. Census -- just a short time away in March, the Our Families Count coalition has expanded its endorsements to over 80 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender nonprofit and straight allied leaders at the national, state and community levels – plus LGBT business leaders and academics. 

This month, former HRC Special Projects Manager Ché Ruddell-Tabisola was tapped by the U.S. Census to serve as national LGBT partnership leader and as the primary bridge between the LGBT-inspired Our Families Count and nearly two dozen U.S. Census Partnership Specialists who work with LGBT Communities. “Awakening our community about the importance of this Census is critical,” said Ruddell-Tabisola.  “Whether raising children, coupled or single, LGBT citizens, families and households are the face of America too.  Through our visibility, we directly shape national policies on education, health, safety, immigration, taxes, and much more.” Our Families Count will be stepping up its education and outreach through many virtual networks including popular online social tools.  Organizations and individuals are invited to sign in and sign up to learn more at home, school and work by finding us and staying connected here on Facebook, by following updates on Twitter, or checking out their MySpace page.

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