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Our Story: Advocating for LGBT Families

This post comes from HRC Member Victoria Green. Victoria and her partner Theresa were recently honored as “Angels in Adoption” by Sen. Lisa Murkowski:

In August my partner, Terri, and I were notified that we had been nominated by our State Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) for recognition as an “Angel in Adoption.”

The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s (CCAI) Angels in Adoption program brings together individuals from across the country who have made extraordinary contributions in foster care or adoption for three days of events in Washington D.C.

We hadn’t really done anything extraordinary in our eyes, but we decided to go with our four kids to talk about our journey, our struggles and our family, on behalf of those who could not. 

There is so much I could write about that week – so many opportunities to share our family’s story with congressional leaders, to advocate for issues close to us,  so many fun and crazy moments with the kids and so many new friends and family we met along the way – but perhaps our most memorable moment was our lunch with Sen. Murkowski.

We met the Senator and her staff at her congressional office and were escorted to the Senators’ dining area. Lunch was served and we chatted about life. The kids entertained the Senator (or maybe it was the other way around!).

We spoke about life as a couple with four children under the age of ten, about living together for the past nine years and about my time in the military and my upcoming retirement after thirty years of service.  I thanked her for her vote on the Repeal of DADT, which enabled me to finally introduce my partner instead of my “roommate” to my commanding officer. 

And we spoke about a lingering question - what would happen to the kids if something were to happen to me or Terri without legal protections as a couple?

We spoke about the need for equal rights for same-sex couples and the impact of being denied these rights on our family. We spoke about the need for important legislation like the Every Child Deserves a Family Act.

It was an amazing few moments - sincere, open, and heartfelt. We realized that we were being heard. We were listened to and understood.

We walked away from our lunch feeling like we had been dining with a friend, someone who we could trust and someone who saw what a family could be in a new light.

Our sincere thanks go out to those that made this possible - including our friends, our congregation at St. Mary’s Episcopal in Anchorage and HRC who all chipped in to support travel expenses - and to the new friends and family that we met along the way.

Read about Victoria and Terri's adoption process here.

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