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Organizing the Organizers in Minnesota

This post is by HRC Minnesota Consultant Leah Solo:

As Minnesotans United for All Families mobilizes to defeat the anti-marriage constitutional amendment on the Minnesota ballot in November 2012, organizers and community leaders have been enthusiastically signing up to help. On August 16, we started organizing these dedicated organizers. Almost 150 supporters braved rain and thunderstorms to begin working on this campaign.

Staff and leaders from HRC, Outfront Minnesota, and Minnesotans United for All Families, trained these superstar organizers on message, initial grassroots campaign plans , and immediate next steps  for volunteers to help us win in November 2012.

Two productive breakout sessions then put these participants to work! Individual activists signed up to lead and staff phone banks while community leaders began conversations about organizing in specific constituencies. 

Representatives from cultural/racial communities included Latino, Hmong, African American, and Native American participants.  Members of all political parties who have joined Minnesotans United for All Families, Libertarians, Independence Party, Green Party and Democratic Farmer Labor Party also attended. Labor and Faith communities had a strong showings as well.

Overall, this was a tremendous start to the large ground game that will propel the campaign to defeat the anti-marriage amendment.  Minnesota has a tradition of campaigns that are won by large grassroots efforts. We plan on upholding that tradition!

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