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Organizing for DADT Repeal in North Carolina

Eric Alva Regional Field Director Karin Quimby and I hit the road to North Carolina this weekend! On Friday, in Charlotte, HRC partnered with local activist group CRANE for a press conference and rally to support the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Speaking at the press conference were Eric Alva -- the first American soldier wounded in the Iraq war -- and Michael Noftzger, a veteran of the Army.  Photos and video are available on CRANE's website as well as information on their "March on Myrick" campaign encouraging Rep. Sue Myrick to support DADT repeal. “It is time for us to get rid of this discriminatory law and practice what we preach when we say, 'With liberty and justice for all,'” Alva said. The repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has taken the spotlight in recent weeks, with Senator Lieberman announcing that he will sponsor a bill in the Senate to repeal the unfair law in place since 1993. The HRC field team will be traveling the country to organize communities to let their legislators know that not only is repealing the law necessary, but that the law should be repealed NOW!  The law not only affects our national security, but also prevents qualified and ready Americans from serving our country. Meredith Baxter and HRC's Karin Quimby “I love the military,” Noftzger said. “I want to continue my service to my country and do so with the ability to be who I am and not to hide and lie and pretend to be something I'm not.” Friday evening, after the rally, Eric, Karin, and I travelled to Raleigh to attend the annual HRC North Carolina Dinner. Before the dinner we worked the crowd to talk about DADT and get postcards signed. The postcards will be sent to members of Congress representing the Carolinas. People were eager to sign their names! Singer Clay Aiken and actress Meredith Baxter were on hand to speak about the importance of continuing to push for equal rights and the importance of repealing DADT in connection with the larger legitimacy of LGBT persons in our society. (And YES - both got postcards to sign themselves!) postcard sign 1The postcards are only one way you can let your voice be heard. HRC has unveiled a new website where you can you can go to sign the online pledge and spread the word to your friends. Visit now! You can also join in our "Virtual Lobby Day" taking place this Thursday.  While hundreds of HRC volunteers will be on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC meeting with their elected leaders, help us flood their inboxes and phone lines with pro-LGBT messages from back in their home districts. To join in, visit our Repeal DADT site and sign the petition.  We'll email you instructions on Thursday morning about how to contact your Representatives and Senators.  You can also spread the work through the Facebook event.

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