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Opposing the Amendment at Minnesota Caucuses!

The following post comes from Leah Solo, Coalitions Committee Chair, Minnesotans United for All Families:

On February 7, caucus-goers across Minnesota were greeted by volunteers with Minnesotans United for All Families and asked to become part of our campaign to defeat the proposed constitutional amendment to exclude same-sex couples from marriage. From East Grand Forks to Duluth, and from the Twin Cities to Rochester and Mankato, over 300 caucus night recruiters attended their caucus of choice, and signed up other caucus goers to phone bank, volunteer, and pledge to vote no in November.

The grassroots effort on Tuesday night was a clear example of how we are organizing across the state. In the weeks leading up to caucuses, our Organizing and Communications teams signed up recruiters. The weekend before caucuses, we trained our recruiters, giving them the tools they needed to recruit Minnesotans to join our campaign.

In addition to our volunteer recruitment plans at the Democratic, Green, Independence, and Libertarian party caucuses, we also had supporters at the Republican Party caucuses with plans for action. The Log Cabin Republicans – one of our 150 coalition partners - trained many volunteers to introduce resolutions to change the GOP platform on this issue.

On caucus night, I joined our recruiters Elizabeth and Karen at Maple Grove High School in the suburbs of Minneapolis. As I walked in, Elizabeth was already signing up a volunteer, Kyle, for a phone bank shift- a good sign of things to come!

By the end of the night, we had spoken in front of six precincts and signed up 47 volunteers in Maple Grove alone. To add to the excitement, we received word from our Deputy Communications Director that the GOP resolution had passed in at least one precinct!

In the hours after caucuses were over, I received reports from all over the state informing me that people had signed up and resolutions had passed. Not only did we sign up hundreds of volunteers, but at least five Republican precincts passed the resolution to change their party platform.

The volunteer sign ups are still pouring in, but with only 19 percent of caucus packets returned, we have already filled 76 phone bank shifts. Opposition to this amendment was palpable at caucuses all over Minnesota on Tuesday night, proving that this campaign is heating up and that Minnesotans know that this amendment must be defeated!

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