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Openly Gay Mayoral Candidate Wins in Gainesville, Florida


ev.owaCraig Lowe, a strong supporter of equality for all and an openly gay man, won a runoff election last night for Mayor of this wonderful Florida city. I've been here for a few days helping with many things, including getting out the vote.  His margin of victory as of last night was 35, triggering an automatic recount. This is a wonderful reunion for me.  I was here last year with other HRC staff helping the campaign that successfully defended the then recently enacted LGBT inclusive non-discrimination law passed by the City Council, of which Craig Lowe was a member.  Craig was the chairman of that campaign. During this campaign for Mayor, homophobic mailers and signs appeared all over Gainesville. It's a testament to the fair citizens of this city as well as the great work of the Craig Lowe for Mayor campaign and supporting groups such as the Victory Fund and Equality Florida that so many of us were celebrating last night. I was impressed with Craig Lowe's leadership and support for equality when I first met him here a year ago, and am so pleased and proud that he will now be called Mayor Craig Lowe.

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