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One Year after the Defeat of an Anti-LGBT Ordinance in Gainesville, Fl

Last year our community came together to defeat a harmful repeal of Gainesville, Florida's Human Rights ordinance -- removing legal protections in housing and employment for LGBT citizens.  Our opposition ran a campaign based on fear and lies, particularly targeted at the transgender community. HRC Regional Field Director Sultan Shakir and Regional Field Organizer Karl Bach both worked within the community to help defeat this harmful measure with the Equality is Gainesville’s Business campaign of which City Commissioner Craig Lowe was the Campaign Chair. The measure was overwhelmingly defeated by a popular vote (with nearly a 16% margin!). ev.owa Now one year later Craig Lowe is running to be the first openly gay mayor in Gainesville history. Craig is the most experienced candidate in the race having served on the Gainesville City Commission since 2003. During his time on the commission Craig helped to lead the way to pass a Domestic Partner Registry and pass an inclusive non-discrimination ordinance. Craig is running a strong grassroots campaign and has already received the endorsement of the Gainesville Professional Firefighters, Alachua County Stonewall Democrats, University of Florida College Democrats, and Equality Florida. But the same anti-gay forces that fought to repeal our rights in Gainesville are now trying to tear down Craig’s record as a city commissioner and his support for equality. As first reported by Equality Florida, a hate group calling themselves the “Concerned Citizens of Gainesville” has already begun a vicious and deceitful effort against Craig for the work he has done to protect the rights of everyone in the City of Gainesville (an example of one of their flyers can be found to the left). For more information about Craig Lowe or the race in Gainesville go to where you can read about Craig’s history of activism and the issues that are at stake in Gainesville’s mayoral race. The campaign ends in less than two weeks, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the results of this historic race in North Florida.

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