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One More Marriage Equality Supporting Legislator in New York

The votes are in. Queens’ voters overwhelmingly voted for marriage equality supporter Jose Peralta over incumbent state Senator Hiram Monserrate in a special election today.  The Senate had previously voted to expel Sen. Monserrate, after he was convicted for assaulting his girlfriend. Last December, the New York state Senate defeated the marriage equality bill (24-38), with the former Senator voting against the bill.  Senator-elect Peralta voted for marriage equality in the state assembly. I will be heading to New York later this week to meet with another marriage equality supporter from Long Island who hopes to unseat an anti-marriage equality incumbent. The November state Senate elections in New York will determine whether or not gay and lesbian couples might be able to marry in the Empire State in 2011. Today's election victory for Jose Peralta gives the marriage equality movement some great momentum.

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