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On the Ground in North Carolina

I'm on the ground here in North Carolina working with the Coalition to Protect All North Carolina Families to defeat the discriminatory Amendment One.  The intensity in our offices and in the field across the state is picking up in the final stretch of this fight.  North Carolinians are fair-minded people and those who understand how truly harmful Amendment One is to families will vote against it.  We are having real conversations here, talking to people from all walks of life about this overreaching amendment that will harm families, kids, battered women, and seniors.   

Yesterday, Billy Graham spoke out in favor of the amendment, but we're working with a group of clergy, over 400 strong, from across the state and the theological spectrum who are united in their opposition to enshrining discrimination into the Constitution.  They, as a matter of faith, know protecting all families is the right thing to do.

We have four days left.  On Tuesday, we are hopeful North Carolina will still stand as the last state in the South to reject state sanctioned discrimination.  Are you with us in this fight? 

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