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Official Recognition of Same-Sex Civil Unions in Ecuador

RingsPost submitted by Miguel Amador, HRC Global Engagement Intern

Following a meeting held last week with LGBT advocates, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa announced that several agreements have been reached, including the official recognition of same-sex civil unions. Starting on September 15, same-sex couples in Ecuador will be able to officially register their civil union and have it noted on their national ID cards. 

“The LGBT community have the constitutional right to register their union,” President Correa said to Telesur. “If there was any doubt about heterosexual or same-sex civil unions being put on national ID cards, there is none anymore.”

One of the participants at the meeting with President Correa reported this as a “huge step forward.” Trans-feminist activist Diane Rodriguez, who works with Silueta X, an organization that fights for LGBT rights in Ecuador, stated, “It’s like giving us full citizenship. For example, in emergencies, my partner can make decisions about my health care at a hospital. Or at the bank, we can open a joint account. Before this, couples had a lot of problems because they had no documents to prove they were married.” Rodriguez noted, however, that without full marriage equality, same-sex couples in Ecuador still cannot jointly adopt children.

Correa said that although he supports these unions, he does not support marriage equality, which according to him corresponds to a union between a man and a woman. To this day, under Article 67, the Ecuadorian Constitution states that "marriage is the union between man and woman." Article 68 also states that “adoption shall only be permitted for different-gender couples.”

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