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School Official Removes Gay Student From Stage for Supporting Marriage Equality

HRC Call It OutPost submitted by Eric Cameron, HRC Digital Media Specialist

An Orange County assistant principal has publically apologized after removing a student from stage who expressed hopes that it would one day be legal for him to marry the man with whom he falls in love.

The unnamed student was asked about his hopes for the future in a Mr. Fullerton competition Tuesday night. He said he hoped to find the love of his life, and to be able to legally marry him.

Fullerton Union High School Assistant Principal Joe Abell interrupted his speech and disqualified him from the competition.

By Wednesday morning, Fullerton Union students were already organizing a protest, asking for Abell to publically apologize. That apology to students and staff came over the p.a. system yesterday morning, after Abell reached out to the student in question to make sure it would not further embarrass him.

George Giokaris, Fullerton Union’s superintendent, stated that Tuesday’s event “was not handled appropriately by the Assistant Principal.” Still, the District’s swift action and the broad show of support are definitely encouraging.

Students at Fullerton Union High have now reportedly set their sights on amending their student handbook to address bullying based on sexual orientation, perceived sexual orientation and gender identity.

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