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NYC Marriage Bureau Sees $200K Boost from Same-Sex Marriage

The following post comes from HRC Digital Media Intern Eric Cameron:

In the final star-studded stanza of “Prop 8: The Musical,” Neil Patrick Harris and company joke that gay marriage might just save the economy.

Real-life numbers from the New York City marriage bureau prove that same-sex marriage has given city revenue a sizable boost.

As the Village Voice reports, the city clerk's office has taken in $2.26 million since same-sex marriage was enacted in late July. That’s up from $2 million received over the same six-month period the year before. The number of marriage licenses issued has increased from 36,913 to 41,967.

This increase in revenue doesn’t even account for other predicted boosts in wedding-related industries in New York.

Here’s hoping opponents of gay marriage take notice -- yet another reason why marriage equality makes sense (and “cents”) for this country!

Photo courtesy of David Jacobs.

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