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NY-9 election shows what’s wrong with American politics

New York electionPost submitted by Kevin Nix, Former HRC Campaign Media Director

Last night, Republican Bob Turner won the special election in New York, beating Democrat David Weprin. The National Organization for Marriage played a role in this campaign. Contributor Jeremy Hooper at Good As You shares his thoughts on the race.

The National Organization for Marriage made no bones about it: They were out to “punish” [David] Weprin for understanding the difference between his personal faith (Weprin is an Orthodox Jew) and his votes on matters pertaining to civil law.

This sort of special-interest-driven, personal-attack-littered (NOM’s mailers accused Weprin of betraying his faith), single-minded obsession is what Americans hate about politics.  This is why, when I was watching my local NYC news on election morning, the reporter positioned at an in-district subway platform kept commenting on how most people she talked to were completely unaware that an election was even going on.  I get why that is: People are beyond tired of the games like those waged by NOM — a sense of fatigue that has bred deep stagnancy.

For this apathy, I do, quite unapologetically, lay much blame at the feet of those who declared this contrived “culture war.”  And don’t be fooled: It was the far-right that declared and branded this ridiculous “war” for the sake of political gain.  Here now in 2011, NOM is simply continuing the trend.

Keep reading over at Good As You.

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